Sweet Treats

Caleb doesn’t really like to eat sweets. He will eat an occasional sugar cookie, but he doesn’t like candy, cakes, ice cream, etc. One night last week I made a pan of brownies, per Emma’s request, and we were all getting ready to enjoy some brownies with ice cream on top.

As I was dishing out the brownies and scooping ice cream Caleb came into the kitchen. He looked at what I was doing and watched me intently. He seemed very interested.


“Do you want a brownie Caleb?” I asked him.

“Yes!” he answered.

“You do? Are you sure?” I asked.

Again, he answered, “Yes!”

“OK, I said. Do you want ice cream on top?”

He looked at the ice cream, nodded his head and said, “Ice Cream. Yes.”

“Really? Are you sure you want ice cream?” I asked, surprised at his adventurous spirit.

“YES!” he said, much louder and with a little frustration in his voice. I figured he was getting annoyed with me for asking the same questions again and again.

I scooped Caleb a small scoop of ice cream, put it on top of a brownie and gave it to him in a bowl. He carefully carried the bowl to the table where the rest of the family was sitting and eating. He watched us all eating our brownies and ice cream and just looked at his.

“Are you going to eat it?” I asked him.

“Noooo!” he said firmly.

“You’re not?” I asked. “But you said you wanted ice cream and brownies. Why don’t you try a bite?”

He took a small bite of ice cream and made a face telling me he was not impressed.

“Take another bite with some brownie too.” I encouraged him and helped him get a little spoonful of both brownie and ice cream.

He opened his mouth and took the bite. As he slowly swallowed he looked around the table at the rest of us like we were all crazy.

He made a face, pushed the bowl away and said “All done.”

“OK” I said, “Thanks for giving it a try!”

He got up from the table and went and got an apple and ran upstairs to eat it.IMG_7677

It amazes me that Caleb is willing to try things he knows he doesn’t like because he sees us eating them and wants to join in with the family. He is more and more aware of the world around him and what others are doing which is huge for a child with autism! Also proud that he chose an apple over a brownie and ice cream … I should do that more often!